Curious About SharePoint?

File storage, document collaboration, and distribution of business data

With the amount of documentation modern businesses produce, from contracts to reports to customer communications, having a secure, centralized file repository is a necessity. SharePoint provides that central location. Autologica provides the support you need to keep those documents searchable, synchronized, and available on the go.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint

Document Management

Advanced document sharing allows multiple users to view and collaborate on files with versioning and permission features. With SharePoint access controls, users only view the files they need. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office makes the SharePoint experience more productive.

Workflow Support

With SharePoint, you can manage and share projects, schedules, tasks, and documents, eliminating the need for multiple applications for each. Full-text document searching makes locating and retrieving information fast and easy. Effective project management is simple with SharePoint.

Why Hosted SharePoint with Autologica?


The complexities of SharePoint implementation and management demand professional IT support, in addition to server and licensing costs. Professionally managed SharePoint with email service from Autologica cures two IT headaches with one trusted provider.


From setup to document migration to ongoing maintenance, Autologica can help you take the frustration out of SharePoint. Easy administration from our Apps Manager lets you control your Autologica email accounts and SharePoint in one place.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Unlike other providers, we don’t enforce high minimums. At Autologica, start with a free 250MB storage bank. Thereafter, you decide how much space you need, and we bill you based on that need.

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